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People Finder Chat is a live people search and how-to site that can help you find a person from your past.

You will find live people search help and people finder tips to help you locate a person online as well as information on the best free people search engines and advice on how to find a person for yourself, a family member or a friend.

There are a large number of good people search and public record sites online to help you find someone.  It is easier than ever to find a person that you have lost contact with and we can help you with your people search.

Some common ways to search for a person or people online include using a White Pages search; using paid and free people searches; searching for someone on a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo; using a free white pages or directory assistance search; trying a social network search to find someone; various reverse lookups or trying online public records searches.

Free People Searches

There are a large number of free people search engines online. Some of these free people searches are good, but many contain old or wrong personal information.

It seems almost daily a new free people search engine is put online, but most of these free search sites contain incorrect or outdated personal data on people. However, there are several free people search sites that we have had success with when trying to find someone.

Some of the better free people searches online include: 123 People, KGB People, Pipl Search, ZabaSearch, PeekYou and Wink.

White Pages Search

There are quite a few free white pages search and directory assistance searches online. However, the best white pages search can be found at White Pages. is the original online White Pages site and contains the most comprehensive 411 people search data.

You can do a people search by name, reverse address lookup or reverse phone number lookup on They also run other directory assistance search sites at and, both of these sites, however, contain basically the same personal information as the search.

Find People On Search Engines

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are a good way to find someone for free. You can search for someone name on Google’s search engine as well as Bing and Yahoo. As more people create profiles on social networks and these pages are indexed by the major search engines, it will become easier to find people for free with a simple name search on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

In addition, you can also do reverse people searches by address, phone number or email lookup on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Searching for a person by phone number or email address will return web sites where that information has been posted by someone.

I have been able to find people and do background check research on people with a simple reverse email or phone number search on Google. You can find people this way too!

Search For People On Social Networks

There are hudreds of millions of people on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace. It is common for people to find a person from their past on the major social networks.

Facebook’s Friend Finder search, LinkedIn’s people search and other social networks are great free people searches that can help you find someone and reunite with family and friends.

Almost daily, there is a news story about how someone was able to find a friend or family member that they lost contact with on Facebook or some other social network. You can also find someone from your past with a Facebook people search.

Reverse People Search Lookups

It is easy to do a reverse people search online, if you have a piece of information on someone like a current or former address, phone number, username or email address. Knowing one or more of these pieces of personal information about a person can help you find them.

There are a number of reverse lookups online that let you search for people using a piece of information.

Reverse address lookups, reverse phone lookups, reverse username lookups and reverse email lookups can help you find someone online.

Public Records Searches

Online government public records searches are also a great way to find someone. In the U.S. public records searches may be available from the federal, state, county and local government level. Many of these government public records are freely searchable online.

The type and quality of online public records can vary greatly by state, county and city. Local and county level property records are typically a good way to find a person by name or address search, provided the person owns property.

Good sources for finding online county property records is and

There are a number of good free public records directories that you can search to find available public records online, including:, and

In addition, you can find a wealth of public records information from BRB Publications at

Public records searches are a great way to find people or do background check research on a person, if you know how to search them.

Paid People Searches

Premium people search engines typically charge you to search for a person, do background checks or find public records on a person.

There are numerous fee-based people searches online. Just search Google for “people search” and you will find sponsored listings for numerous paid people searches and background check searches.

Some of these people finder sites have good people data, but many have outdated personal information on people or use fraudulent marketing tactics to get your money.

Three of the best paid people search and public records sites include: Been Verified, People Smart and Spokeo.

We have done successful people search and background checks using Been Verified, People Smart and Spokeo. While these people searches are not perfect, they are better than most other paid search sites. BeenVerified, PeopleSmart & Spokeo each have their strengths and weaknesses when searching to find someone, but overall they are a good way to find a person or public records.

There are many other paid and free people finder sites and people search engines online.  It is easy to find someone using one or more of these people search sites for free or with little cost.

Doing a people search used to require a lot of investigative skills, but online people finder sites and people searches on social networks have made it simpler to find a person.

In fact, you can find many people using only Google people search; Facebook people finder along with a good Whitepages search.

For people who are harder to find, you may need a good paid people search like or that provide both public records and people search data.