123People Search

123 People Search123People.com is one of the best free people search engines online.

Although many of their people search and public records results are for paid and sponsored people searches, there is still some good free information that can be found with a name search for a person.

A typical free people search on 123People with a person’s name will return social network profiles and pictures from dozens of sites like Facebook Friend Finder and LinkedIn people search profiles; free and premium public records results from search sites like Intelius, US Search, People Finders and People Smart; email address search and telephone number search results as well as the names of people who are searching for the same person or name.

123People Search Results

In addition, 123People search shows people search results from Google people search results; genealogy records; criminal records; professional information; blogs; videos; biography and news results by searching for a person by name.

A search by name on 123People will also show possible related people for the person you are trying to find.

Overall, if you are trying to find someone online or do background check research on a person, 123People.com is one of the better free people searches online.

However, you have to be careful to weed out the useful free search results on 123 People from the sponsored people search results that can be found all over the results pages.