Free People Searches Online

There are a bunch of free people searches online that promise to help you find someone, but many of these so-called “free people search engines” provide little or no useful search results. Here is a list of the best free people searches online. You can use one or more of these people searches to help […]

BeenVerified People Searches & Background Checks

Been Verified – – is a premium all-in-one people search, public record and background check search. Basic people searches and background checks on BeenVerified are free, but if you want any useful public records or people search data on someone you will need to pay a fee. However, BeenVerified has helped me find someone’s […]

People Smart Searches

PeopleSmart – – is a US people search site and public records search engine that collects data on millions of people from various sources. Basic people searches on PeopleSmart are free, but detailed search results can be accessed for a minimal fee. The free people search results on PeopleSmart are often good enough to […]

123People Search is one of the best free people search engines online. Although many of their people search and public records results are for paid and sponsored people searches, there is still some good free information that can be found with a name search for a person. A typical free people search on 123People with a […]

Facebook & Google People Search Used To Check Out Potential Dates

In a recent survey of 1,000 people in their 20’s, a large majority ( 81% ) of respondents admitted to using Facebook and Google people searches to do a background check on a person before a first date. About 10% of people stated they know “everything” about a person before meeting for a first date. […]