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BeenVerifiedBeen Verified – – is a premium all-in-one people search, public record and background check search.

Basic people searches and background checks on BeenVerified are free, but if you want any useful public records or people search data on someone you will need to pay a fee.

However, BeenVerified has helped me find someone’s address as well as civil and criminal records for background checks.

BeenVerified lets you search for people by name as well as reverse address, reverse email and reverse phone number lookups. BeenVerified searches are run through their large public records database to find civil records, criminal records, property records and more on people.

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BeenVerified Background Check

You can search for people by name or name and location to find information on someone, including current and past addresses; public records and property records.

BeenVerified Reverse Email

You can do a reverse email lookup search on BeenVerified to find social network profiles; pictures; videos and blogs that are associated with the email address.

BeenVerified Reverse Phone Number

BeenVerified also has a reverse phone number lookup that allows you to find a person by phone number.

BeenVerified’s reverse phone number search can find phone record history, including addresses, associated with a phone number; ownership history for the phone number being searched; current and previous addresses for the phone number as well as other phone numbers associated with the owner of a given phone number.

BeenVerified Reverse Phone Lookup

In addition, you can receive alerts and updates when information changes on the search results for any of your people searches and background checks. This allows you to track people and their public records as new personal information becomes available.

You can use BeenVerified to find people and do basic background checks on someone for a small monthly fee.

Most of the people search and public record data on BeenVerified can be found on government public record sites and free people search engines, but sites like BeenVerified collect it and make it searchable on one site.

Although there have been complaints about BeenVerified being a scam site, at the time of this post BeenVerified’s people search and public records search garnered an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau.

BeenVerified’s BBB rating is very impressive, especially since many people search, background check and public records sites are notoriously unreliable if not fraudulent with the personal data they provide.