Free People Searches Online

There are a bunch of free people searches online that promise to help you find someone, but many of these so-called “free people search engines” provide little or no useful search results.

Here is a list of the best free people searches online. You can use one or more of these people searches to help you find someone for free.

Free People Searches To Help You Find Someone – the best free white pages people search can be found on White Pages lets you find someone with a name search as well as reverse people searches with a phone number or address.

Whitepages has hundreds of millions of records in their people search database that are searchable for free. – ZabaSearch is one of the original free people search engines and rountinely ranks as one of the top people searches online. A large number of people have successfully searched ZabaSearch to find someone for free.

Recently, ZabaSearch was purchased by Intelius, another people search and public records provider, and is being used as a marketing tool for premium ( paid ) Intelius search results.

However, name searches on ZabaSearch are still free and their free people search results are still worth trying, just watch out for all the links to Intelius’ paid people searches unless you want to pay for your searches. – is a professional social network that makes a great free people search too. People register on LinkedIn using their real names and employment history that can help you identify someone when doing a free people search on the LinkedIn site.

However, some people profiles on LinkedIn are only visible to members, so you may need to register on the site to get the best results from your people searches. – with over 600 million people registered by name on Facebook, the world’s most popular social network is also one of the best free people searches online. – you never know what a free people search on Google will turn up when you are trying to find someone. You can also do reverse people searches on Google by searching for a person’s phone number, address, email or username. – Jigsaw is a huge database of business cards, making it a great free people search by name or email address. Again, you may need to register to see detailed people search results. – another great free people search engine that lets you find a person by name, email, username, or phone number. – another free people search engine that is similar to You can search millions of people profiles on – a new people search that is free. You can find someone on KGB People by name and location. KGB People searches dozens of sites, including: social networks and search engines to find someone online. – Bing is now the world’s second most popular search engine behind Google, making it a good way to do free people searches. Bing uses Facebook profiles in their results for name searches which bolsters Bing’s people search credibility. – although PeopleSmart is a paid people search, basic name searches are free and their is some good information in PeopleSmart’s free search results. I have used the free search results on PeopleSmart in conjunction with searches on to find several people for free. – although heavily reliant on paid sponsors, 123People is another good free people search. Again, just watch out for all the paid person search links. – another good free search dedicated to finding people by name. – a great search to find someone on Twitter. – another free people search for the Twitter social network. – a free person finder that will search for someone across social networks. – a facial recognition people search that lets you find a person from a picture. A scary, but interesting way to find a person online through pictures. – another image search where you can find someone from a picture to see where else online the picture appears. – is a free people search from Melissa Data that lets you search for a person by name, location, age and date of birth. – is a place where people collect all of their social network profiles in one place, making it a great way to find a person. – similar to People collect their social network profiles here and they are searchable. & – great for real time location-based people searches.