Free People Search – is a new free people search engine where you can search for a person across multiple people finder sites and social networks.

KGBpeople lets you search for people worldwide or by country. The KGB people search engine can search millions of people by name across various sites, including: Facebook people search; LinkedIn people finder; Google people search; Yahoo people search, MySpace & Twitter profile searches in addition to Bing.

KGB people will search for a person by name or nickname on photo and video sites like Flickr and YouTube.

In addition, the KGB people search engine will search for people results on location based sites like FourSquare.

Using KGB people search is as easy as entering a person’s name or nickname in the search box and selecting your search options from the “settings” button. From their you can see which online sources returned results for your people search.

To search for a person by name on KGB People use the search box below.