People Smart Searches

People Smart

PeopleSmart – – is a US people search site and public records search engine that collects data on millions of people from various sources.

Basic people searches on PeopleSmart are free, but detailed search results can be accessed for a minimal fee.

The free people search results on PeopleSmart are often good enough to find a person’s location when used with other free people finder sites like or Google. I have personally found several hard to find people using PeopleSmart’s free search results along with or Google.

You can find out how I did a successful free people search using nothing more than & at people smart white pages.

PeopleSmart joins a growing list of good people finder sites like BeenVerified and Spokeo where you can find someone for free or a small fee.

You can use the People Smart search to find lost family; find friends or lovers you have lost contact with; do background check searches on a person; search a person’s criminal records; search public records on people or search your own name to see what public information is out there on you.

There are a number of ways to search people on PeopleSmart. You can search for people by name; do a reverse people search by phone number, address or email or do a public records search on someone.

People Smart Searches

Free search results on People Smart usually include city and state(s) where the person has lived; the person’s age as well as the names of people related to the person you are searching for.

These details are a big help when trying to find a person with a common first name or last name. They can help you focus your people search based on personal details that can help you better find the person on another free search site like White Pages etc.

If need to find someone for any reason, then a free search on People Smart should definitely be part of your people search efforts. Again, I have found several hard to locate people with a free search on and a free search.