Spokeo Search

Spokeo’s www.spokeo.com people search engine has generated a lot of buzz. The Spokeo people finder lets you find someone through various searches across numerous social networks.

You can find people by name, email address, phone number or username. You can also do a batch people search by email by uploading a contact list of email addresses from your email account.

Spokeo People Search

Spokeo collects vast amounts of people-related information from numerous social networks and public record sites. Some of the sources used in Spokeo’s people search include: phone records; social network profiles, like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.; property records; mailing lists etc.

Spokeo’s people search engine focuses on people-related information, which they claim makes finding someone on their search better than general search engines like Yahoo and Google.

Since Spokeo is an automated people data aggregator, their are some limits to the reliability of their people search records. However, as a massive collection of public and people records, they are a big player in the online people search arena.

Spokeo’s people search by name or phone number is currently for US people data only. Whereas their email and username people searches can pull in data for people from around the world as long as the person has a social network profile.

A basic people search on Spokeo is free, but the site charges a fee for more detailed people records.

You can try to search for someone by name, email address, phone number, username on Spokeo at Spokeo.com